My halloween 2014

I can´t belive it´s been a year already, it´s crazy!
Thinking back, had a blast in Houston past halloween first ever real halloween party with awesome ppl, booze and trick or treating kids came knocking on the door.
BUT NOT THIS YEAR been hanging out with my family the whole day, chillin, had dinner at this nice resturant at emporia (a big wannabee american mall outside Malmö), went to at store checking aout a Marc Jacobs braslett I have been longing for a long time but no I didnt get it cuz I´ll will get in online later ;)
Everthing is overpriced here in Sweden when it come to all the designer brand, it sucks when you are a poor looser like me, lol just kidding!
Saving up the most of my money so I can go back to Houston sometime 2015 ^^
Well well now I´m gonna kick back and chill watch my favorite movie of all time the nightmare before christmas.
Hope y´all have a nice halloween, be careful with the booze ;)
Halloween 2013 Halloween 2014 Houston USA
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